Coastal Cutthrout Coalition


Join us next Wednesday, January 4th at Holy Mountain Brewing

Join us next Wednesday, January 4th at Holy Mountain Brewing 1421 Elliot ave west in Seattle and grab a glass or a 4 pack of this super easy drinking Mosaic Lager we brewed for Washington’s Coastal Cutthroat Coalition.

Starting around 5:30, We’ll be hanging and geeking out over these special fish, spinning records, and eating some of Seattle’s best pizza from @Dantini next door. Come hang out and have a beer while giving Coastal Cutthroat Trout a cheers while raising some money for @searuncoastalcutts.

This will also be on tap next week while partying down @hulahulabarseattle for the SOLD OUT Annual Coastal Cutthroat Fundraiser and Auction hosted by Seattle’s most beloved Captain, @karkeith. We will present him and the Coalition with a check from the proceeds of this beer. Also available online for shipping in Washington, we canned a limited amount, so swing on by the taproom or let us ship you a 4 pack. Do it for the coolest fish in the PNW!
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The Coastal Cutthroat Coalition is dedicated to the science and management of this unique, wild, and native fish. Little has been known about these mysterious fish over the years until CCC dedicated an endless amount of time to studying them and their environments. Attention has been focused to other species because of mandated recovery efforts from commercial fishing. Few resources were left to study this wild, healthy, and thriving fish. Help us support them and their continued research!